About Us

JJL Technologies Corp. is not just another software company, JJL Technologies Corp. is a subsidiary JJL Process Corp., one of the nations leading and largest Process Serving Companies.

All of TrueServe's features and functions are based on over 20 years experience in the process serving industry and the real life needs of Process Servers as well as their companies based on today's business climate. At JJL Technology Corp. we are always evolving and producing leading edge technology and ideas for our industry.

TrueServe is one of our applications tested at JJL Process Corp. (our process serving company) using over 20,000 papers a month inventory before they are launched and available to our users. Our program is built for speed and agility replacing staff with technology wherever possible and handling many of the tedious and repetitive day to day tasks that were traditionally handled by salaried staff..

JJL Process has been in the business of developing Technologies for process servers for the past 8 years and can honestly say that they are the most watched company in the industry for new technology and advancements.

Since JJL's inception, we've grown from a 2 person operation to an over 200 person company with offices in 5 states and expanding. "We owe our growth to our software and our marketing" says JJL's owner. With TrueServe, you get top notch technology and marketing support from the most innovative minds in the industry

Dont wait , if you think your office is ready for TrueServe then give us a call at (877) 458.8555.

About TrueServe

TrueServe is the process serving industry's leading web-based data management system featuring a proprietary, patent-pending smartphone software application which prevents process server fraud with unparalleled accuracy and world-class documentation capabilities. TrueServe was created by JJL Technologies Corp., headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and supported by a proven track record of 20+ years of practical process serving knowledge and leading-edge software development experience.

What is TrueServe

TrueServe is a comprehensive process serving business solution developed with over 20 years of process serving know-how and software experience. Continue