What is TSI

TSI is the culmination of over 20 years of process serving experience mixed with cutting edge technologies to create a level of accountability and honesty that the process serving industry has not been able to offer until now.

Components of the TrueServe initiative


Ensure all servers and service companies that display the TSI logo are up to date on licensing and that all TSI approved servers carry sufficient and current Errors and Omissions insurance.

All servers and service companies have been trained in the use of TSI technologies and that all servers are versed in the areas of the FDCPA to keep your firm safe from violations.

Research recent court decisions and changes in law to ensure all affidavits and documents prepared by your server will comply with current. requirements.


Severs displaying the TSI logo will be running TrueServe software to insure that all information reported to your firm is true and accurate.


Train New Process Server on local rules and our technology.

Yearly classes to update servers on new rules and decisions that may affect the way they have to do their jobs.


Concise, specific reports are run on every server every day to confirm the feasibility of the route they reported and to confirm service info including photos have been input to our system.

What is TrueServe

TrueServe is a comprehensive process serving business solution developed with over 20 years of process serving know-how and software experience. Continue